Welcome to the Brandywine Valley

The Brandywine Valley is known to locals for its extensive terrain, beautiful views and deep powder playgrounds. Experience the best of the backcountry when you explore high alpine bowls and untouched powder. Our base is conveniently located in the Brandywine; we are fully equipped with gas, sled rentals and gear rentals and a gourmet food truck selling coffee and a sledders lunch. We are your one stop shop for all your snowmobile needs.

Blackcomb Snowmobile operates all the grooming in the Brandywine and Callaghan Valley. Our team knows the area better than anyone else – join us on a guided rental and we’ll show you some of the best local secrets.

Safety in the Backcountry

Be aware. Be prepared. Don’t go alone. 

The Brandywine and Callaghan Valley boast some of the best and beautiful terrain, but riding in the backcountry can also be very dangerous. It is highly recommended that no one goes into the backcountry without proper knowledge and training. Please make sure to check all weather and avalanche reports before planning a day out in the backcountry. We recommend taking an Avalanche Skills Training course before entering any kind of backcountry terrain.

1. Take an avalanche Course 

2. Carry and know how to use the proper rescue equipment. Ensure those you ride with do the same. 

3. Research the area you choose to ride in, this includes: weather, snowpack, recent avalanche activity and safe areas. 

4. Choose terrain that coincides with the days conditions. Consistently check weather and avalanche reports for the day. 

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

Your license to ride in avalanche terrain! This is a certified 2 day course. It includes fundamental awareness of necessary terrain and the snowpack characteristics that form avalanches. The field day will apply those skills in real time. Email info@blackcombsnowmobile.com to inquire about dates.